The Rotary club of Jalna is a part of the Rotary International falling in Rotary district No. 3130. It is committed to carry forward the mission of the parent organization. The club has members from various walks of life ranging from doctors & engineers to businessmen, industrialists & educators. Since its inception it has grown from strength to strength, making difference to the lives of many through its service projects. The fellowship & camaraderie of this club & the dynamism of its members, who have committed to cause of Rotary, has resulted in the club making an indelible imprint in Jalna.

The Beginning

The Rotary Club of Jalna was born on 4th December 1960 in District No. 315 sponsored by the Rotary club of Aurangabad with a membership of 20. The District Governor, Rtn. D.M. Desai presented the charter to Principal Rtn. P.M.Sapre, thus adding to the growing number of clubs around the world. Since then, the club has not only grown in size to present 86 members but also expanded its spheres of activities. Its District number changed to 314, then to 313, then to 3130 & now 3132.


Perhaps the most important work of the Jalna Rotary club has been in the field of health. Recognizing the need of the society, as early as in 1964, the club started an Eye Camp in Jalna. Under this programme free Cataract & Glaucoma surgeries were done, which in those days did not involve the modern techniques & implant of Intra Ocular Lens (IOL). So far more than 10000 Cataract surgeries were done free of cost by Club.

The eye surgery camps of the Rotary were appreciated by the people & acknowledged by the Government & other organizations including the Rotary International. The Rotary International conferred on Dr. D.A. Ambekar the highest Civilian award given to a Rotarian called the ‘Service Above Self’ award. The then Chief Minister Mr. Shivaji Rao Bhosle, awarded the ‘Care For Eye’ trophy to the Club for its creditable work. The Club has also received many District Awards under community service avenue for eye camps.

Every year to promote the Eye Donation we felicitate the relatives of those person who donated eye after death at the time of Installation ceremony & D.G. official visit.


ENT is the another area of active work done by the Rotary. In 1976, Rotary club of Jalna organized its first camp for the deaf & people with stammer & since then every year club organized ENT check up camp for needy people.

For about 5 years, speech therapy camps were organized by the Rotary under the expertise of Dr.Oza from Mumbai & Mr.Anand Raju, which lasted 15 days each.

Pulse polio

One of the most important commitments made by the Rotary International is to eradicate polio from the world. Rotary club of Jalna joined the Polio Pulse program of RI in 1995 & has been actively involved in the effort wipe out Polio from India. Most of the Polio booths during the campaign were manned by the Rotary volunteers the whole day. Rotary provided support required to keep the vaccines in cold storage, arranging food for the volunteers, getting babies from homes to the booth & giving wide publicity. The club has also contributed substantial amount for polio fund.

Plastic Surgery

Another major project taken up by the Rotary Club is the Plastic Surgery Camp. It was started in the year 2004 & has continued since then. About 675 people have benefited from this camp so far. These surgeries were done only for improving the functionality & not for cosmetic purposes. They mostly dealt with cleft lips, cleft palates, burn contractures & other congenital defects. A number of these surgeries have been done on people who have been rejected at other places due to complex nature of these surgeries. The club’s collaborators in this effort have been Interplast Group from Germany, Rotary Club of Hattigen, Germany, Rotary club of Concord, USA & Rotary club of Bombay Midtown & Rotary International, which has given a matching grant for the project for 2 years. These surgeries were done at Jalna Mission Hospital making use of the facilities & staff there.
As per the calculation of Rtn. Anil Tibrewala, famous plastic surgeon, Mumbai the cost of each camp would be around Rs. 40-50 lacs if they would have gone to Mumbai for surgery.


Jaipur Foot Projects

To help the physically handicapped, Rotary Club distributed more then 700 ‘Jaipur Feet’ since 1987. From 2008-09 it is our regular project in association with Mahavir Viklang Sanstha, Ahemdabad.


Polio corrective surgery camps were held on three occasions. Cancer Detection Camp, Skin Disease Camp, Cardiac Disease Diagnostic Camp, Anaemia Detection Camp& Diabetic Camp were some of the other health camps frequently organised by the Rotary. The club also conducted TB detective Camp at Mantha & Temburni. HIV education & testing truck drivers is another effort of the club.


Some activities included Vocational guidance, Interview Training, Career Guidance, providing educational loans for post graduation (Loans of the order of Rs. 40000-50000 were given to needy children for higher education. since last 13 years), felicitation of meritorious students, providing material support for village schools & a few in Jalna, organizing Elocution, Essay writing, Drawing & Painting Competition & Personality development camps. Water purification & storage plants were provided to 25 schools in Jalna under the matching grant project in collaboration with Rotary Club of Singapore. 32000 children were benefited by this scheme.

Family Planning

During the seventies & eighties when family planning was considered an important issue in country, the Rotary Club of Jalna took a lead role in educating people about family planning & conducting tubectomy camps. In fact the first laparoscopic tubectomy in Maharashtra outside Mumbai was done in Jalna in the year 1976. In the four days about 100 tubectomies were done. Then again in 1982, 672 tubectomies were done, spread over two days. For the services rendered, Dr. S.G. Joshi & Dr. D.J. Moses were given State Awards. The Rotary Club also arranged vaginal tubectomy camps in various places, some almost 200km from Jalna such as Vasmath.

Help In the Time of Disasters

Rotary Club of Jalna has always come forward in times of need be it helping the victims of natural disasters or otherwise. In 1973, during the time of famine in Maharashtra, the club arranged food for more than 200 village students of JES college for 2 months to make it possible for them to continue their education. When earthquake struck Latur, Jalna Rotary Club members were the first to reach the place to provide assistance- food & clothing, for which the Rotary District felicitated the Jalna Club. When flood affected the people of Paithan a couple of years back, the club arranged food for about 3000 people. During the Guntur floods the club distributed blankets to the needy. The Club has also contributed substantial amount to help the people affected by Gujarat earthquake.

Grow More Food Campaign

Feeling the need to educate the farmers to improve food production, Rotary Club of Jalna arranged a program to acquaint them with the latest agronomical practices guiding them in the use of right kind of seeds, right kind & amount of pesticides, techniques of achieving greater yields, etc. Under the grow more food campaign some of the Rotarian Agricultural demonstrated model farming to obtain record yield in Farmer’s field. Many Rotary Clubs adopted this project which was started by Rotary Club of Jalna.

Rotary International / TRF Programmes


So far nine students have gone to various countries under the youth exchange programmes-2 to USA/ Canada, 3 to Argentina, 1 to Austria, 1 to Belgium & 1 to Japan. Eight students have come to Jalna:-2 from Argentina, 2 from Japan, 1 from Austria, 1 from Hungray & 2 from USA/ Canada.


Under this Group Study Exchange programme we have received teams fro m Greece, Holland, Finland, USA/ Canada.

Rotary Volunteers

Under the Rotary volunteers programme our Rotarians have visited Cambodia (Kampuchea), Lesotho, Swaziland Rtn.Dr. M.D. Ambekar carried out about 200 Cataract surgeries in each of these places.

Annual Giving

Jalna, in spite of being a small city, has made its share to the Rotary Fund: it has presently 56 club members & 15 non club members are the Paul Harris Fellows while 3 members namely Rtn. Surendra Pitty, Rtn. Arun Agrawal & Rtn. Satish Agrawal were the Major Donors. Total contribution so far we have made is 67,310.57 USD towards foundation contribution.

New Club

Rotary Club of Jalna sponsored a new Rotary club in Jalna known as the Rotary Club of Jalna Central, which was chartered on 16th May 2007, with Rtn.Kedar Mundada as its first President. The present strength of the club is 74. PP Rtn. Pramod Zanzari.


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